Summer Camp and Trips

GRASP is an active program with outdoor and indoor activities. Our program consists of regular trips off-premises during the summer and non-instructional days such as PA day, March break etc. We expect all our children to put their best foot forward and behave appropriately in the environment we are in. If a child attends the program and a trip is scheduled, it is expected the child be ready and prepared to attend the trip. GRASP does not provide alternative care for children who do not want to participate in trips or outings.

All Students are expected to be on-site at least half an hour prior to departure for all trips and off-site adventures. Times of departure are listed in the permission form, and it is recommended parents make note of all vital information. All children who are not here half an hour prior to departure will not be accepted into the program. The reason for this is to ensure all safety measures have been executed in a proper manner as required by the Centre, the City of Toronto Assessment of Quality assurance and the Early Year and Child Care Act, 2014.

* Please email us for fee inquiries and our camp calendar.

It is recommenced you fill out the no charge wait list and submit at your convenience.